My (For)Get-Away Vacation

May 21 to June 8, 2002

Tom and I left Chicago for Amsterdam on Singapore Airlines Flight 35, 7:40 pm, on Tuesday, May 21. Unlike our London trip, we didn't depend upon the "kindness" of taxis—Omega Shuttle to the airport, front door service.

I had heard from my Service League buddies that Singapore Air provides quite a good trip, and they were right—great service, reasonably comfortable seats.

Everyone seems to arrive in Amsterdam at the same location: Centraal Station. Upon our arrival from Schipol, as on so many days, it started to rain. Rain seemed to come with no warning. It usually didn't last very long, but was totally unpredictable. But at Centraal Station, a taxi is never far (unlike the South Side of Chicago).

As I have learned from experience, I much prefer staying in an apartment rather than in a hotel. I don't like hotels (who wants to worry about a maid waking you up?). I like to sleep late and be comfortably sloppy. Thank heavens for the Internet. Through it, I have learned the value of what the British call "self-catering" accommodations.

In Amsterdam, I was fortunate to stay with very accommodating hosts (Kitty and Fred) at Hotel Lieve Nachten. They rent comfortable, livable apartments. We arranged to rent their "Apartment Mokum," a one-bedroom apartment in the Jordaan district on the northwest side of Amsterdam. It was convenient (walking distance anywhere you wanted to go), with big windows, kitchen, and shower; the Jordaan district is a treasure of restaurants, bars, shops, and markets. I just hope we didn't leave our apartment in too big a mess!

Left, living room of Apartment Mokum

Lindengracht Street (at twilight), around the corner from our apartment

Hotel Lieve Nachten,
Goudbloemstraat 107

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